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TMC Tools

In order to strengthen "the Ability to Think," TMC has equipped itself with numerous facilitation tools that support our processes and our "Why."

Tools Include:
     - Achieving Desired Results
     - Insight Systems
     - Human Connections Process
     - Personal and Organizational Leadership Development

We utilize these tools to effectively facilitate all of our
processes, both personal and organizational
leadership development.

***Take the time to explore this page and gain a better understanding of our tools and how they can support your leadership growth!***


Why does Insight matter?

Desired Results

To achieve Desired Results, you first need to Gain Insight.

Gain Insight

You must first understand and Gain Insight to Make a Choice for the better.

Make a Choice

With Insight, how do you make those better choices to achieve Desired Results?


Insight Systems

What is it?

When it comes to strengthening "the Ability to Think,"
TMC is dedicated to your leadership at all levels.

Through the use of Insight Systems, we are able to encourage deeper thinking in your own Personal Leadership, as well as your thinking in your Professional Leadership.

We utilize the DISC Personality System to give insight into your personal communication style, providing the opportunity to understand yourself
on a deeper level.

DISC is also a beneficial tool used throughout the Human Connections Process because it creates a deeper awareness of an individual's personality and communication style. This is beneficial in hiring, changing roles, developing emerging leaders, and supporting personal and organizational accountability and alignment.


Human Connections Process 

What is the Human Connections Process?
A six component process intended to create, shape and sustain your organization's desired Culture.

What is the DISC Personality System?
The DISC Personality System provides you with your personality style. Based on your personality style, you will gain awareness of your behaviors and communication style as well as how you interact
with others. These elements form the foundation for which developmental goals
can be created and accomplished.

There are Four Communication Styles:
D - Dominant
I - Influence
S - Steady
C - Compliant

Why does DISC matter?
It provides awareness into how someone will act and communicate in given environments.  
Awareness is a key component to personal and organizational leadership and success.

Insight Systems Tools



DISC - General

Assesses: DISC behavioral style and communication preferences. Deepens awareness of myself and others.


Recommendations: Seasonal Hiring

Value: How can you leverage this awareness to support the leadership strengths, cultural values, and structural needs of your organization?



2D Report

Assesses: DISC behavioral style and communication preferences; motivational values (Values). Provides understanding into what motivates my behavioral style so I can better support and model organizational culture.

Recommendations: Development, Accountability

Value: How will understanding a person’s deeper motivations help build care and candor into accountability conversations?



3D Report

Assesses: DISC behavioral style and communication preferences; TEAMS thinking and work preferences, motivational values (Values).


Recommendations: Hiring, promotions or role development, accountability

Value: What qualities and strengths do you need at key departments or positions within your organization? Who do you put where so that the individual and the organization reaches their highest potential?



4D Report

Assesses: DISC behavioral style and communication preferences; TEAMS thinking and work preferences, motivational values (Values), Behavioral Attitudes Index (BAI)


Recommendations: Executive hiring, manager or leadership development

Value: How do I ensure people model organizational culture while deepening their personal and professional leadership?



Total Alignment Needs Inventory (TANI)

What is it?

A Thinking and Perception tool

What does it measure?

     - Leadership/Mindset

     - Culture/Heartset

     - Structure/Skillset

What is the purpose?

To identify the needs of the organization. 

The TANI is driven by the Total Alignment Model.

Create goals that support the desired culture



Developmental Needs Inventory (DNI)

What is it?

360 Insight tool


What does it measure?

       - Developmental Needs

What is the purpose?

Increase use of leadership development goals


Long-term leadership development planning


Support focusing on organization-wide leadership development resources and efforts


Identify improvement gains in leadership skills

Leadership Development

Personal and Team Development Tools



Effective Leadership Development (ELD)

Builds upon and futher develops:

Leadership by thinking through productivity


Performance and achievement of desired results through leadership roles



Effective Strategic Leadership (ESL)

Builds upon and further develops:

The ability to define and develop the organization's purpose

Determining key strategies


Selecting the right people for the right roles


The ability to oversee processes required to achieve success



Effective Personal Leadership (EPL)

Builds upon and futher develops:

Personal leadership


Potential  strengths


Improvement of self-image  



Effective Motivational Leadership (EML)

Builds upon and futher develops:

Motivational thinking skills


Ability to create the behaviors that will support a healthy, motivated environment


Achieving Leaders

High Achieving Leaders (HAL)

What is it?

Development of High Achieving Leaders


High Achieving leaders:

  • Develop others consistently

  • Hold positive belief in people and their potential

  • Collaborate more effectively

  • Communicate more effectively

  • Focus on what really motivates others

  • Use power more productively

  • Become more effective decision makers

  • Interfere less with the potential of others​

What is the purpose?

Provide new benchmark for leadership to model


Success Planner

MyTyme Success Planner

What is it?

MyTyme is an advanced planning system that moves you from being task driven to goal directed. It helps encourage proactiveness rather than reactiveness in every aspect of your life. Learn to increase productivity dramatically in your career, with your family, for yourself, and for your future. 


With this system, you will:

See a measurable improvement in your personal productivity

Reduce stress by getting more things done in less time

Start achieving goals instead of just setting them


Deliver on promises by ensuring nothing slips through the cracks

Interested in exploring our tools further? Contact us at:

(979) 846 - 4481

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