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The Management Connection, Inc.
provides Professional Facilitation that
can be customized to meet your desired needs.

Facilitation includes:

  • Assessments

  • Human Connections Process

  • Facilitated Strategic Discussions

  • One-on-One Executive Coaching

  • Personal Leadership Development (PLD)

  • Effective Leadership Development (ELD)

  • Effective Motivational Leadership (EML)

  • Leadership Goal Setting Conferences

Professional Facilitation

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The Eye of the Hurricane Represents Our Professional Facilitation Model
When faced with a constant bombardment of challenges and competing interests, any organization may feel swept up in a whirling, chaotic storm (Hurricane).


Focused leadership at all levels creates the tranquility, maturity and professionalism needed to be successful. It is the calm within the chaotic storm (The Eye).


The Management Connection’s Professional Facilitation Model will guide you in developing and strengthening the Eye of the Hurricane within your organization.
Total Alignment Model (TAM)

The Total Alignment Model (TAM) is TMC's model for approaching all of our processes. This model demonstrates the importance of Thinking 360.


To have Total Alignment in your organization, you must focus on the three areas of Leadership, Culture and Structure. An organization cannot be successful if it is lacking in one or more of these three areas.

Leadership Mindset – Develops the mindset needed to lead

at every level of the organization

Culture Heartset – The aspirational aim (the "why" or purpose)

and behavioral values of the organization

Structure Skillset(Designed Around Strength Zones) - The competencies needed to position the organization to remain relevant in current and future challenges

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