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Table Thoughts Café

where reflective thoughts create meaningful discussions

For over 20 years, The Management Connection, Inc. traveled throughout Texas providing Professional Facilitation to organizations.

A key concept  learned from these offsite conferences was that "space" matters.
It impacts the client experience and thinking.

In 2016, TMC acquired the suite for
Table Thoughts Cafe (TTC) and in 2020 its doors officially opened for conferences. 
TTC was strategically designed for Professionally Facilitated conferences that would provide a retreat-like experience that allowed an escape from the "every day."  Today TTC provides space to strengthen "the Ability to Think".

Table Thoughts Cafe

where reflective thoughts create meaningful discussions


Table Thoughts Cafe is made up of multiple spaces, each serving its own unique purpose:

When you first enter Table Thoughts Cafe, you will find yourself in Winter Retreat, which consists of both a Conference Area and Comfort Zone. Comfort leads to deeper, more reflective and meaningful thinking. We invite you to engage your mind, body and soul when you enter Winter Retreat. 


Winter Retreat provides games and books to stimulate the mind, as well as comfortable seating and blankets to ensure comfort. These elements each play a part in strengthening "the Ability to Think."

Winter Retreat.jpg
Winter Retreat II (1).jpg

Winter Retreat

Main Cafe is designed for Professionally Facilitated round-table discussions.

Seating up to 25 participants, this space is used to encourage thought-provoking

discussions among groups.

Main Cafe.jpg
Main Cafe Wall.jpg

Main Cafe

It is hard to think on an empty stomach. To prevent this distraction, Buffalo Pass remains stocked with snacks, sodas, coffee, tea and more.


For longer conferences, Buffalo Pass is designed to allow staff the ability to prepare catering services in a way that avoids any potential interference in thinking and maintains the experience.

Buffalo Pass II.jpg
Buffalo Pass III.jpg

Buffalo Pass

Beneficial to both physical and remote participants, Sky Room encourages the exploration of new thoughts and concepts. The set-up can be used for virtual break-out rooms or personal deep thinking.


Designed with multi-functionality, Sky Room is often used for a conference break-out space, for one-on-one virtual conferences, and for personal deep thinking.

Sky Room I.jpg
Sky Room II.jpg

Sky Room

Looking to book a Professionally Facilitated conference? Contact us:

(979) 846 - 4481

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