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Explore The TMC Library

In order to strengthen your "Ability to Think,"
you must constantly be feeding your mind.

For this reason, we have created The TMC Library.

Our digital library is full of resources that will stimulate the mind
and encourage deeper thinking. At TMC we seek to challenge your thinking by asking you questions:

         - What are you connecting to? How are you connecting?
         - What are your takeaways?
         - How does this impact your leadership?
         - How does this impact your personal and professional life?

We are committed to your leadership and we exist 
to strengthen your "Ability to Think."

Take the time to explore our library. Reflect on your own thought-life through Joe's Thoughts. Be inspired by success stories captured
in Joe's Traveling Journal.

This is an opportunity to slow down and practice deeper thinking.

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Our Archives

Joe's Thoughts

Joe's Thoughts is a series of development videos that give insight into different areas of life and support
strengthening the "Ability to Think." 

Our own CEO, Joe M. Gonzalez, explores different topics that encourage self-reflection. Questions are presented within each video to motivate deep thinking and produce well-rounded thoughts. 

Joe's Traveling Journal

After being developed for over 15 years, Joe's Traveling Journal has been retired and archived but has not lost its value and impact.

Created by our CEO, Joe M. Gonzalez, these videos give a peek into the success stories witnessed by Joe while traveling on the road and exploring municipalities across Texas.

Though now retired, Joe's Traveling Journal still serves as a great source of leadership knowledge.

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